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1- Follow the steps in an orderly

2- ponle photo to your resume

3- download your resume in pdf

Why have your resume in pdf?

Since our platform we wanted also to work as freelancers or consultants can also be an easy way to fill your resume, so we thought we have to generate it automatically once you introduce the data could be very beneficial for applicants employment.

The PDF format is used when sending our professionals, academics businesses data is why we in seven simple steps will allow create you a resume with photograph included, so that you can send to the company you want.

It does not take anything to fill in the data, let alone to generate the document in PDF format also is standard and works on all computers.

Another reason why it is good to have a resume in pdf is that will help you better make your interview, because in many cases when you quote a recruiter tells you almost always carry your resume printed, and have it in pdf simply open the document and print.

Finally, finally, we want to give you some simple tips on how to face a job interview, that is why I share this link are only a few lines, but I can be very tools

Curriculum Vitae in PDF

Step 1 Basic Information CLICK

Step 2 Education CLICK

Step 3 Work Done CLICK

Step 4 Languages CLICK

Step 5 Knowledge CLICK

Step 6 Add Photo CLICK

Step 7 Download Curriculum Vitae CLICK