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    Instructions on how it works friendsandjob

    1- Register and create your profile

    Post a Project 2-

    3- Choose among the best freelancers and consultants

    4- deposit insurance payment

    5- Get your project, releases payment and values.

    Benefits friendsandjob

    If you’re a freelancer, consultant

    In addition to friends & job to earn money, you’ll be able to care your personal brand if you create a blog and post public entries or continuously. To this we can add the fact of having a complete profile, ie with the advanced options will enable them to increase your profits. But friends & job we do not want to stay here, if we want our customers to have the best training. For this reason we have included online courses, courses in which your profile will be more complete if possible. We have lots of courses, more than 100 of all types and continue increasing them.

    What’s more we also have a feature so you can create your CV in pdf format. Our staff has only 7 easy steps to follow, so before applying to any job we recommend that you already have your resume in pdf format.

    All these things will improve and provide more possibilities when submitting your proposals for projects you have on this website.

    If you are a company

    Friends & job is a platform where businesses also have an important role, so we thought a lot about the benefits we wanted to provide to help improve your company image, save costs, improve your website rankings or make money ; is why we have created different services, such as blogs, advanced profiles, publishing projects, application projects, receive assessments.

    Blogs allow to take care of your company brand companies, which is something of vital importance to them because it also depends on the positioning of your brand in front of your customers.

    Advanced profile function allows companies to increase the confidence of those who wish to contract for a project, as it allows to upload documents and videos.

    Publication of projects allows several things: first save costs, especially if the company can not afford to hire an employment contract work; and two lets you earn money if you want to do projects.

    What is Friends & Job?

    Welcome to friendsandjob platform junior consultants and freelancers profiles and entrepreneurs in which to make money doing what you really know.

    If you have technology needs, design, translate a text, website, mobile application, or any other type and require a professional to do work you’re in the right place.

    If you need web programmers friends & job will give you the opportunity to find the most suitable for you and your project. If instead of a precise web developer of a graphic designer in friendsandjob you’ll find that person that is going to make the best design. If you need someone you translate a text here you’ll also be able to find it. IF you do not find you tell us what you need and we solve it.

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